With over 30 years of programming experience combined with a background in film and broadcast video, I offer freelance interactive development services for web, mobile, and touchscreen. The technologies I enjoy working in the most are native iOS development for iPhone and iPad (Objective-C), JavaScript (ES6/Babel), React-Native, low-level C programming for IoT devices, and Adobe Air & Flash.

The projects I am most passionate about are those that deliver an innovative, immersive creative experience for the end user. Things that wow people. Millions of people. I enjoy helping to manage projects from beginning to end, UX to QA. If you're in need of a creative technologist who fits these guidelines, I can help.

Please browse my work below!
Citifyd iOS App
For over 2 years I've written & managed a complex iOS app for Citifyd's digital parking platform, helped design the RESTful API to enable it, designed BLE hardware, & helped create a team.
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XBox One Rich Media
Razorfish / Microsoft
I helped to build a series of standard and rich media units for the high-profile XBox One release.
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Major League Mechanics
Tactile.io / Scott Erickson
Backend-driven native 2014 iOS app allows major league baseball players to teach kids how to play ball, uploading videos for one-on-one consultation. view »
Fortified Studio
Co-Founder, Interactive Director
I co-founded Fortified Studio, a full-service dev shop executing large-scale projects for agencies & startups. From 2010-2013, I helped scope & win projects, manage teams, and write software. view »
Genentech Touchscreen
Fortified Studio / Genentech
Realtime 3D multitouch social media viewer front-end written in Air (AS3) & Away3D 4. view »
Anki Test-Drive
Instrument / West / Anki
Hilighted by Apple CEO Tim Cook at WWDC 2013, this native iPhone App promoted Anki's self-driving toy racecars, seeding the mobile market with their product before the fully-functional release. view »
Best of Us Challenge
Mekanism / Olympics
3D Flash contest mini-site & YouTube channel with moderated YouTube integration. view »
Google Nexus One Channel
Teak / Google
Interactive 3D Flash YouTube brand channel for the Nexus One phone, populated with dynamic content.
California Milk Minisite
Fortified / Teak / California Milk Board
Whimsical interactive kitchen, recipe contest, and photo-maker with social media integration. Written in Flash. view »
U.S. Open Installation
Fortified / Helios / Emirates Airlines
This 3 Screen, 5760x1080 60fps 3D installation at the 2013 U.S. Open flies images of the event from Flickr through the clouds. view »
Tostitos Nolaf
Mekanism / Tostitos
Award-winning full-browser streaming interactive video flash mini-site. view »
Kegel Camp iPhone App
Fortified Studio / Sex With Emily
Native iPhone app for TV personality Emily Morse. Cracked the top 30 in the Health & Lifestyle category in the app store selling tens of thousands. view »
Mekanism / Microsoft
Cannes Lion-winning Flash mini-site that uses puppeted animation and video to promote Windows Vista. view »
Google SXSW Installation
Fortified / Obscura Digital / Google
Air app on two networked 64-inch multitouch screens inviting users at SXSW 2011 to explore Austin and vote on their favorite places.
Venables Super-Bowl Site
Isometric Flash mini-site that pulled in real-time twitter chatter about the brands Venables made ads for in the 2010 Super-Bowl. view »
Rabbit Studios Website
A portfolio site for Rabbit, a conglomeration of high-profile broadcast advertising directors. view »
Lexus Configurator
Level Studios / Lexus
In-depth configurator tool to customize car purchase.
Burton Website 2008
Freestyle Interactive / Burton
I authored the video-rich BTV portion of the 2008 Burton website.
Mike's Hard Lemonade
Mekanism / Mike's Hard Lemonade
Immersive & playful Flash mini-site to complement a TV campaign. Allowed the user to navigate through a series of rooms filled with easter-eggs. view »
RockBand Website
Mekanism / Harmonix
Full-screen streaming video Flash website featuring interactive content from the first Rockband game. view »
Sex-Drive iOS App
Fortified Studio / Sex With Emily
Native iPhone app for sex therapist & TV personality Emily Morse that has helped thousands of couples spice up their love lives. view »
Head For Change
Razorfish / Paul Mitchell
Flash website showcasing Paul Mitchell's philanthropic side. view »
Need for Speed: Undercover
Mekanism / EA Games
Immersive 3D Flash mini-site that puts the user in the middle of frozen scenes from EA's Need For Speed '09, letting them explore game content. view »
Buick Kiosk
Sigma6 / Buick
Interactive touchscreen kiosk for Buick at the 2001 Detroit Auto Show.
Native Instinct Portfolio
Native Instinct
Now acquired by Intel, this site showcased the projects this agency made and the staff that made them. Uses a unique 3D interface w/ dynamic content. (Demo has some placeholder data.) view »
Haptic Conferecing App
Fortified Studio / Kicker / AMI
Native iPhone interface prototype app that couples with custom hardware to provide force feedback.
Limelight Studios Installation
Limelight Studios
Programming of a sophisticated network of touchscreens, visualizations, lighting, and audio for a multi-booth Boston Karaoke venue.
State Farm YouTube Channel
Fortified / thismoment / State Farm
3D Flash YouTube brand channel for State Farm featuring video mapped to 3D geometries and moderated social feedback. view »
TombRaider 4-up Takeover
JVST / Crystal Dynamics
4-banner takeover for IGN - Networking the 4 banners together to scroll all four seamlessly based on mouse position on the page.
NFS: Most Wanted Popover
EA Games Need For Speed
Physics-driven popover banner featuring cursor-responsive cop cars chasing your cursor, leaving tire treads over the entire page. view »
Nike Lebron Banners
Freestyle Interactive / Nike
A series of multiple-sized interactive flash web banners for Nike. view »
Ford Motor Credit Redux
Young & Rubicam / Ford
A Caddy award-winning retrospective of Ford Motor Credit's history, done in the style of a 1950's TV show.
Windows Mobile Minisite
Mekanism / Microsoft
A Flash mini-site that encourages the user to torment an alpha-channeled video spokesman who is trying to promote Windows Mobile.
Bush Lies Timeline
Mother Jones Magazine
A heavily data driven page on Mother Jones' site outlining the amount of lies generated by the Bush administration over the course of the Iraq War. view »
PC Gamer Magazine CD
A configurable template architecture for every cross-platform CD-ROM bundled with every PC Gamer magazine in the mid 2000's.